The purpose of our community preschools is to provide an early childhood social and educational experience for 3 to 5 year old children in a warm and accepting atmosphere. Our emphasis is on the abilities and interests of each child. Our goals are to develop a love of learning, give children a sense of self-confidence in the classroom, provide many opportunities to express themselves and follow directions, and prepare them for their next step in the world of education.


              Our school days include experiences in math, reading, music, science exploration and creative art.


              At our community preschools, we realize how important a child’s first school experience is. We provide a warm and accepting environment with activities in which each child can be successful. We emphasize developing social skills, school readiness, and having fun as we learn!


              The goal of our community preschools is to enhance each child’s self-concept by stimulating his or her cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development within a group environment. Children are encourages to experiment and explore.


              There will be more structured activities involving the entire class. These activities will be set up to help each child function within a group setting. Listening to others, taking turns, cooperating and sharing will be stressed. Throughout the sessions, each child will be encouraged to be responsible for his or her belongings, environment and actions. Help will be available if it is needed, but children will be encouraged to do things for themselves – to become as independent as possible. Creativity in all areas will be encourages. All activities are designed to give each child a happy first school experience, so that he or she will look forward to future years of education.


              In our schedule the children get to create, move, discuss, observe, sing, and discover. We have open-ended toys which allow for imaginative play, exploration, and discovery. There are activities which allow for use of both fine motor and large motor skills. Students are free to choose what interests them.


              We encourage parent involvement. Parents may stop in to read a story or help with a project. Many times we have parents who are firefighters, police officers, doctors, dentists, etc. in our community who come and share their time with us telling us about their jobs.


              Come see how play-based learning works. Teachers are always open to questions.